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plantmilks_jpegPlant milks – so many to choose from!

As a Vegan non-milk drinker I tend to have two favourite plant milks that I use – Organic unsweetened Soya milk which goes in tea and Organic Oat milk which I use in coffee and on cereal/porridge. And if you are currently making the transition to a dairy-free diet, you will find that going dairy-free has never601611b_7 been easier

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of dairy milk. All my life I have shied away from it as cow’s milk makes me feel sick. It’s only now as I follow a plant-based diet and have started to look into the health benefits of eating like this that I’ve become aware of the cruelty within the dairy industry, and the power of the dairy lobby that I’ve begun to 401626bexplore the alternative, ethical and much healthier options.

But we are so lucky to have many different kinds to choose from these days – Almond milk, Rice milk, Hazelnut milk, Hemp milk, coconut milk, cashew nut milk…

But which one is best? I don’t actually think there is a ‘best’ one – it’s a matter of taste and checking that you’re buying your plant milk in its natural form without anything added to it. Some manufacturers feel it’s necessary to add sugar or apple juice or other ‘stuff’ – avoid! And always buy Organic if you can.

maxresdefaultFrom a health point of view the National Dietetic Association says that Soya is thought to lower cholesterol – first by reducing the body’s natural cholesterol-producing capacity in the liver and secondly soya foods are normally eaten in place of other higher saturated fat foods such as fatty meat and full fat dairy products. Most soya foods are naturally low in saturated fat and contribute to unsaturated fat intake which helps reduce LDL cholesterol (the bad stuff!).

Oat milk contains high levels of vitamin E and folic acid, which is essential for most bodily functions and is needed to synthesise and repair DNA, produce healthy red blood cells and prevent anaemia. and is also a good source of phytochemicals; and I like it!

Can’t find Organic plant milks?

Ocado_logo is a pretty good provider as is AC-avatar1_400x400 and download



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