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I love poetry. It makes me happy. Especially if it is humorous.

But the creative side of my brain has been dormant for about two years and it is time to prod it back into life. So here you are, my silly poetry offering for PINK Friday…dedicated to children everywhere.


f9f9c11529493cc84e339878ada726f4The giggle fart


On the planet of Quill

Is a colourful place

Where no one gets ill.

There’s also no wars

No asbos or drugs

The Quillans use giggling

To fight off their bugs.

If they feel a bit low

Or under the weather

Splagwoptwit appears

With his magical feather.

He’ll tell a good joke

Then tickle their tums

Until giggling is heard

Coming out of their bums.




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10 Responses

  1. mollyfox16
    | Reply

    loving it 🙂 x

    • Harri
      | Reply

      Thanks Mol!x

  2. Pete W
    | Reply

    Love it!! x

    • Harri
      | Reply

      Thanks Pete!

  3. Pablo Campo
    | Reply

    Poet Laureate in the making….. Made me laugh… Then fart…. Oh dear…

    • Harri
      | Reply

      Ha ha! I love silly.

  4. Andrea
    | Reply

    Fab Harri!! Pick up that pen & get writing!!

  5. Harri
    | Reply

    Thanks Andrea! I am and I will.x

  6. Jenny Cass
    | Reply

    Best thing I’ve read in months!

    • Harri
      | Reply

      Ha ha! What have you been reading then?!

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