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IMG_0442I love the start of a new 12 week beginners’ running course. grouprunWatching those who start out believing that running is such a hard thing to do –  but suddenly realize, after a few sessions, that actually it doesn’t have to be.

But I appreciate that actually choosing to join a group and then getting out there for the first session can be very scary. Lycra clad beanpoles spring to mind and the predictable gremilin-like self-doubt follows. This is usually women jogging - Frodrigalongside body image anxieties. How many times have I heard someone say to me ‘I am so slow – I will be at the back’ or ‘I’m the wrong shape to run’…Nobody is slow or the wrong shape. And anyway I always tell my beginners to start off ‘silly slow’. Whatever your shape or size your body needs time to adapt. And I promise you it will.

So today as over two thousand people lined up to run our local 5k charity Santa Fun Run, it  was just wonderful toIMG_0397 see those once doubtful beginners run the distance. And do it with style. Albeit dressed in a Santa suit.

Running is an amazing sport. It is accessible to all. Old and young. Fit and not so fit. Big and small. It can provide freedom and a sense of self. Friendships are forged. It’s fun and funny too. We laugh a lot and moan a lot. But most of all it’s life-enhancing.

Research has shown that running improves memory, slows the ageing process, protects against certain diseases, can relieve stress and depression and is just generally a great thing to do for mind, body and spirit! Give it a go and see!

Our next 12wk beginners’ running sessions here in Marlow, Bucks. start on January 13th – you can find out about all the groups we hold and our beginners’ sessions here: Harri’s Running Team


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  1. VJ
    | Reply

    A year ago, I was one of those who thought I was too fat to run. However after completing my first 5k race today, (which was great fun), I firmly believe running is for anyone willing to give it a go!

    • Harri
      | Reply

      And you are a star! I can’t believe how far you’ve come in the last year…Absolutely brilliant and well done.xx

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