Out with the old, in with the new…

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happy-new-yearAre you a New Year’s Resolutionary type of person?

As midnight strikes on the 31st December, do you make a list of all the things that you’re going to change in your life?

Or do you just shrug your shoulders and carry on as before because you know from experience that resolutions frequently fail.

But a new year can be a good time for a fresh start. Just turn the page. And begin. The secret is to make your resolution for the right reason and make it achievable.

new-year-resolutionsTraditionally it seems the most common resolutions are connected to exercise, drinking, dieting or divorcing the husband/wife…

If you want to lose weight, be realistic – losing a stone in a week only happens in our dreams. Most resolutions fail because we set ourselves such impossible tasks! Change that desired weight loss to a smaller goal and you will be successful.

However, I have an achievable task that you won’t fail at…

Howsabout taking up Pilates in 2016?

Pilates is a funny sort of exercise though. And I know for some it still conjures up images of the grey-rinse brigade who have nothing better to do with their time but lie around in lycra doing odd looking leg-raises and occassionally farting.


10576910_10152691136822053_7839697005021120334_nMy classes are full of all sorts of different types of people. athletes, runners, cyclists, Tae kwon do‘ers, walkers, highflyers, home makers, superstars, world leaders, you name it – they’re in my class. Okay, maybe the last two aren’t true… And not all are women. Pilates is for everyone. And I mean everyone. It’s an amazingly powerful form of exercise that can be life changing on all sorts of levels. And the secret to getting the most out of it, is understanding it.

But to understand it you need to practise it…So what are you waiting for?

Come and join me in 2016. Make it your new year’s resolution and I’ll help you stick to it!

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4 Responses

  1. mollyfox16
    | Reply

    I have a list of resolutions – where can I lose a stone in a week..lol Pilates is on my list, can’t wait for May 🙂

    • Harri
      | Reply

      Ahhhh Molly!! You will lose the weight but if you lost a stone in a week I would worry about you muchly! You’ll do it when you’re well and ready and I look forward to seeing you in May too!xxx

  2. Verity
    | Reply

    Last year’s resolution was to take part in a 5k race. Did that, finished it and ran the whole way! Couldn’t have done it without you tho. This year my resolution is to keep it up!

    • Harri
      | Reply

      Wonderful! And you will keep it up and more! Happy New Year Verity!xx

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