On running the London Marathon…

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Runners cross Tower Bridge during the 2008 Flora London Marathon.

On April 24th this year I will be joining zillions of others who have spent the previous months pounding the streets and trails in preparation for the 2016 London Marathon. This will be my fourth time of running it. My first was in 2007 and I never in my wildest dreams believed that I would ever run it again. Ever. But I did. And I’m doing it again. This time for Gorillas.

downloadThroughout my life, the welfare of animals has always been important to me. Compassion and love for them. As a child I plastered my bedroom walls with pictures of animals. No popstars. Just animals. And the one that featured the most was the Gorilla. Actually it was a white, albino one. I had a childhood fantasy of living alone on a mountain, somewhere hot, surrounded by animals – no humans. Hippos featured quite a lot as did wild cats – not sure how either would live on a hot mountain – I obviously hadn’t thought it through!

mountain_gorilla_48700_2_352629I was a member of the RSPB and RSPCA and the WWF from an early age. I became vegetarian and later (recently) vegan. So this year I am running the marathon for the Gorilla Organization who work internationally to protect the world’s last remaining gorillas in their natural habitat in central Africa. They work closely with local communities to actively deal with threats such as deforestation, the effects of climate change and poverty.

These extraordinary, beautiful, creatures could soon be extinct. It breaks my heart. We have to save them.

So if you feel you could sponsor me I would be very grateful, thank you. Fundraising page

download (1)BUT…Shall I run the marathon in a pink gorilla outfit? That is the question…

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