Laughter makes you healthy…

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Laughter2Laughter makes you healthy. Fact.

And I really, really love to laugh. It is so important in this life of ours. Without a sense of humour, I feel life must be a tad dull. Being amongst people who laugh or make you laugh is life-enhancing and so necessary.

I’m lucky I come from a family with an outrageous sense of humour. So it’s in my genes. images (1)When I was a child my brother could make me cry with hysterical, uncontrollable laughter (just thinking about these times make me smile) and actually he’s still the funniest person I know. Next to my husband, who after very many years of marriage, still makes me laugh.

Lucky for him.

Anyway, moving on…

laughterAccording to a Dr Lee Berk from some odd sounding Public School of Health in California, laughing reduces stress hormones…We can all benefit from a bit of stress reduction in our lives I’d say. Dr Berk also says that laughing can reduce blood pressure, improve cardiac health and it stimulates the immune system.

So, like running, laughter also produces those addictive feel-good endorphins that I for one certainly crave. Also, people who laugh were found to have a more positive outlook on life too.

Funny that.

So here’s a joke:

I cleaned the attic with my husband the other day. Now I can’t get the cobwebs out of his hair.


Keep laughing!


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