Save £££s by getting fit

Did you know that you could save money, earn points and vouchers by exercising regularly? No, neither did I! But apparently you can…



Free to join – and Bounts turns all your exercise into points that can be exchanged for vouchers. Tracking your activities via their app whether it’s running, cycling or walking is easy and will earn you their ‘Bounts’. These can then be swapped for  M&S, John Lewis, Pizza Express or Waitrose vouchers to name but a few high street stores who are part of this scheme. Pretty good incentive to get off that couch I’d say!



Running Heroes is another exercise incentive driven app to get you moving. This time it’s aimed at encouraging you to run (well, obviously…) and when you do, rewarding you with points to spend at various sports stores. Companies who offer discounts for points earned include Ashmei, Polar, Buff and Sis. But there are many others too. So get your kit on, sign up and redeem your points!




Likewise, Earth Miles too encourages you to be healthy and fit by using their app to log your excercise which they will then reward you for. Their rewards all come from healthy, responsible companies who care about the earth and your wellbeing. You can exchange them for discounts at places like Planet Organic or Embody Wellness, or on products like Nakd bars, Clearspring Organic foods and Primal Bars. There are even discounts on kit from Runners Need and Tiny Fish. I like this app the best – it’s environmentally conscious and encourages a holistic approach to fitness and health. So come on, what are you waiting for!

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