Lost your running mojo? Don’t despair…

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images (1)I’ve been running for many years but sometimes my enthusiasm for the sport can wane and I lose my mojo. Often it’s because I’ve been overdoing things, work has become very busy, everyone wants a bit of me and suddenly going for a run feels like it’s taking up precious time that I could be using more gainfully. Which of course is rubbish, as anybody who runs knows.dragging-feet1

But the best thing you can do when your brain is frazzled and life stuff is interfering, is to go for a run! Because afterwards everything feels so much better.

When you’re feeling knackered a run is possibly the last thing on your list. Phone/text a running mate. Meet up. Go for a short trot, nothing more, and you’ll suddenly feel the magic return.

Layout 1Discuss your loss of running love with your friends who run. Runners are a tightly knit group and very supportive of each other. There’s always somebody who can pick you up and encourage you to run. And don’t forget to chat and laugh too. You’ll feel so much better.

Go on.


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