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6c815b933ba87d205188f35a37478651Do you exercise your feet?

Possibly not a regular habit?

Unless you attend one of my Pilates classes of course, where you are subjected to much footy fun during the warm up.

Whether you run, walk or sit all day I think we take our feet for granted. But think of the impact they endure as we walk, run miles and miles, wear unsuitable shoes (some) or boogie the night away – they need TLC if they’re to last intact and pain free for our lifetime.

So what can you do to keep your feet in good shape? Apart from sensible footwear, which is probably far too boring, regular exercises that are quick and easy to do are the way forward.


So here are a few of my suggestions….

california-foot-doctors-300x250Ideally performed in bare feet – when you’re waiting for the kettle to boil or brushing your teeth, slowly raise yourself up on the balls of both feet, hold for a second and then slowly lower your heels back down to the floor.

The ‘slowly’ is always the challenging part. It’s not easy but will strengthen your Achilles tendons.


When you’re sitting at your desk or flopped on the sofa watching tv, rotate your ankles first one way and then the other. Draw a downloadcircle with your toes so that your ankle joint is rotated through its full range of movement.

Once you’ve completed the rotations, alternate between pointing your toes and flexingevery_body_benefits_1_0 your foot.



Finally, another simple exercise that is easy to fit into your daily routine and that will improve flexibility and blood run-stretch-toe-curlsflow – again, whether you’re prostrate on the sofa, at your desk working at your computer (and in bare feet) scrunch/curl up your toes and then relax – repeat several times. You could even try picking up a towel off the floor or try using your toes to pick up a pen!


Your feet will thank you!



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    Great tips Harri – I regularly suffer from sore feet, and always forget to exercise them separately!

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