Embrace ageing – thank you Alex Rotas

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661c0269dcf5d50a4456a6b870656285Alex Rotas is a photographer, writer and speaker – I love her inspiring and unique work.

‘Ageing is changing. Governments, health service providers, insurance, leisure and construction industries, even the United Nations are addressing not just a growing older demographic, but also the value of an increasingly active and healthy senior population. And yet, in the media, the over 60s are still more likelyA21U9444-1024x1024 to be portrayed as infirm, immobile, silly, redundant, sick, spent and sad’.

Alex Rotas’ recent photos are of veteran sports women and men – it’s wonderful to see these positive images challenging the stereotypical view of older people. They remind me that age really is just a number and gives me hope that the negativity surrounding the ageing population is perhaps changing. We all get old and none of us like it. But we have no choice, so to find a positive and active way to live our later years needs to be encouraged. And Alex Rotas is flying the flag.

Let’s keep on running into our eighties…and nineties..

Take a look here at more work from Alex Rotas: http://alexrotasphotography.co.uk/#about


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