Meditative running

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IMG_0632There’s nothing quite like a meditative run to start the day. Especially if it’s a sunny day like today.

I love the peace I feel when focussing totally on my breath and encouraging my body to feel strong. The only sounds I hear are the birds and distant traffic noises, interrupted by the occasional quack or squawk from the water.

If I could, I would run like this, off-road, every day of my life because it grounds me, makes me happy, confident and is totally and utterly life-enhancing.

You should try it.


‘The word confidence means to be self-assured about one’s qualities. IMG_0633Both running and meditation give us this feeling. In both activities, confidence naturally ensues because we are experiencing self-assurance. Runners know this, because running is an optimistic sport: fundamentally, we believe in the power of the body. Meditation is also an optimistic tradition: fundamentally, we believe in the power of the mind. In Tibetan, confidence is known as ziji. This word can also be translated as ‘brilliance’ or ‘to shine’. Ziji expresses how confidence feels and looks: mentally we shine, and physically we glow, Both running and meditation bring out our radiance’.  Sakyong Mipham ‘Running with the mind of meditation’.

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  1. Andrea
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    Agree completely Harri – my mind becomes clearer & I can put myself into a much calmer place.

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