Excelling at Excel…

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excel1Excelling at excel. An excellent way to spend two days. Not.

As many of you know I’ve been writing a book on Pilates for Runners. It’s now with the publishers, Bloomsbury, ready for the copy editor and design team to do their stuff. All very exciting.  But nobody told me I would have to grapple with an Excel sheet (hardly appealing to my creative isms) inputting every single photo or generic image that needs to be in the book and cross referencing them to the manuscript.

Steam coming out of ears doesn’t come close. How does anyone do this for a living? Respect!

Not only did I overdose on caffeine, which didn’t help the concentration – infact it made all the numbers, boxes…cells.. whatevs…jump around even more. But in the two days (two whole days, not bits of days, but whole whole whole days with nights involved) I put on 2 stone because I developed a Hobnob habit. Oh and now I have RSI.

Anyway, stage one is done. With possibly quite a few spelling mistakes due to brain cells not waving but drowning in caffeine.

We have a photoshoot ahead. With real sporty models.

I wonder if Idris Elba is free? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind demonstrating the plank for me…

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  1. Jenny Cass
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    Who thought there would be so much to writing a book! Really can’t wait to read it Harri! What a star you are. ?

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