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img_1099Last weekend we went camping in Dorset which always makes me happy. As many of you know we lived in Dorset for five years and so take the opportunity to return whenever we can. Our camping is a motorhome – yes, dear readers, we are motorhomers!  Although I like to call it a campervan.  And now we have finally succumbed to buying a tent (a Vango Idris II Tall Driveaway Motorhome Awning) to attach to said motorhome and are waiting for a non-windy day to attempt its first erection!

But first we will practise at home in the studio (another blog?) We are novice tenters…It could end in tears.

img_1103We are so lucky to have a campervan – something I would never in a million years have imagined when I was younger!

We stay in silent, peaceful, small as possible, seaside campsites mainly – last weekend was just glorious. It offered freedom and very long coastal walks with the dogs. And it didn’t rain!

At home I can hear the nearby dual-carriageway every day, all day and often through the night. I hear aeroplanes, cars revving and voices, sometimes shrill and continuous, dogs barking, mowers, drills – in the campervan we hear just silence, the odd bird tweeting, a moo or a neigh, a mumble or two from our camping neighbours. But generally it’s a silence I don’t experience at home.

However, it’s not all complete peace, the husband has a habit of banging his head, tripping over one of the dogs and throwing hot tea over me and therefore shattering the peace by swearing loudly. And snoring.

img_1101When it rains it can be a bit tippy-tappy on the roof of the campervan and there is a hammock-like rocking in a gale! But actually there’s something quite life-enhancing about being outside (albeit in a tin can) surrounded by the elements.

At home when I can’t sleep, which is frequently these days, I get up, walk around, stick my head out of the window or read. In the camper I feel trapped, I can’t move. Mainly due to one of the dogs sleeping on my head if truth be told!

This is when I write though. Get ideas. Hold a conversation with the husband who actually listens because he’s contained in a small space and can’t walk away! I forget make-up, don’t look in the mirror (eyebrows are usually half-way down my face when I get home which is terrifying…) slob around in the same clotheimg_1104s, don’t speak to anyone, breathe, forget Brexit and appreciate what a truly wonderful environment we are in. I find myself free of work stuff, without routine, timelines, to-do lists, tv/distractions. Nothing beats it.

And I wish I could stay forever in that bubble.

I recommend it.

British weather could be better though.

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  1. Andrea Holmes
    | Reply

    Smiled & nodded throughout reading this blog Harri!!
    I too crave peace & quiet, fresh air, the melodic sound of the sea as it breaks on the shore, sunrises & sunsets (yes even in Britain!!) and that “at one with nature feeling” – it can’t be beaten!!
    That’s what holidays & weekends away are all about……

    • Harri
      | Reply

      Helllooo! Hope all is well with you and yes, nothing beats it does it?x

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