Should you run on Christmas day?

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p1090467Of course you should!

I always do.

Yes, yes, I know there’s so much to do and for those of you with kids, they’re up at 4am high as kites while the partner/husband/wife/dog/special person in your life is oblivious to this.

When he was tiny, my son used to wake throughout the night on Christmas Eve. He would look out of the window to see if Santa was on his way. And one year he insisted that he had seen him. Which is odd really because from an early age we decided to tell him that Santa Claus was just a story – controversial I know. But we weren’t going to lie to him. Anyhow, he still saw him!

But back to whether you should run on Christmas day. Well I think you should, whether you have a big meal to cook, presents to open or the in-laws are coming round and bringing with them the Aunty who always drinks too much and ends up with her knickers on her head. Maybe that’s actually a reason why you SHOULD run! There’s too much to do/cook/drink/apply yourself to.

A 35 minute run will make you feel wonderful. Empowered, happy, energetic and loving…Do it!

And don’t forget, if you can run on Christmas day, then you can run on any other day of the year.



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