Pilates for Runners – have you pre-ordered your copy?

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_MG_0126My book ‘Pilates for Runners’ will be on sale in April and I’ve been sent a few early copies. Very excited to have my first book actually in my hands and I’m so pleased with it. The team at Bloomsbury Sport have done a wonderful job.

So, what’s it all about?

Do you run? Do you want to run faster for longer? Are you prone to injury? Then have a go at Pilates and see what a difference it can make to your body.

Maybe you like to run but don’t feel strong enough? Practise Pilates and your strength will improve, along with your coordination, flexibility and balance. I promise you, it does work.

Do your shoulders ache after a run, or do they end up around your ears? By practising Pilates you will learn how to keep an eye on your posture when you run.

Are you wasting energy when you run by twisting from your centre? Pilates exercises can target this problem.

Running up hills getting you down? Strengthen those quads, hamstrings and glutes – yes, you’ve guessed it, Pilates will help._MG_0132

Finding it hard to relax after an adrenaline-fuelled run? Pilates will help you relax.

And those are only a few things that Pilates can help you with – try it and see.

Buy the book, it will tell you how!

You can pre-order the book from Amazon UK, it is published in April and I will share some of it on here later on nearer the time, to give you a taster…Pilates for Runners

If you live in the USA you can pre-order from Amazon.com: Pilates for Runners


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