Running can change your life…if you let it

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group-of-women-running_5816431-660x400So 3 months ago, virtually to the day, I received an email from a local, potential client who said she would like to start running. Nothing unusual in that. I get many enquiries all of which I respond to, some come back to me and others disappear. But what struck me about this particular email was that the woman in question spent the whole message describing to me why she couldn’t ever run: too fat, flat feet, rubbish at school sports, boobs too big, no time, unfit, bad diet, can’t diet, too old – I kid you not. Perfect I said, meet me at such and such time on Friday and I will show you how to run and feel fantastic!

Would she reply I wondered?

How brave, I thought, to actually make the decision to send me the email – that couldn’t have been easy to reveal so much. That takes guts.

She would be fine, I knew it, if only I could get to meet her.

I get so sad when people and not just women, men too, find themselves in this negative body-image life-is-shit downward spiral. Sometimes it’s just easier to go with the flow down the slippery slope of low self-esteem, bad health, dodgy diet choices, depression, give up. To  make a decision to change, possibly against the odds, is more than hard. But once you’ve decided to change, you’re on your way.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, we met, we run/walked, we talked about goals, about sports bras, about running shoes, we talked about commitment to fitness and health and diet and life changes, looked around at the beautiful countryside, the blue sky, the birds, and laughed about our children and the state of the world. She did it. She bloody did it.

We met weekly for 3 months. She has lost over a stone in weight. And next weekend she runs her first 10k.

She is happy in her own skin.

Running has changed her life. And she doesn’t need me anymore.

Running can change yours too. If you let it.


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  1. Esther
    | Reply

    What a lovely lovely good news story that is. Just goes to show there is no such word as ‘can’t’. We all have some inner inspiration to drive us forward.

    • harri918
      | Reply

      Indeed – thank you Esther. I truly believe with the right support everyone can run.

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