Could running help you get a job?

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So how does that work?… I wondered as I began to read the article ‘Could taking up running help you get a new job?’ written by Maddy Savage for the BBC News. (Link to full article at bottom of page).

Of course! It’s all about networking, camaraderie, chatting to those you run with, sharing stories, tips, gossip, news and finding out about each other’s lives while puffing along those trails or pavements isn’t it?

So certainly it’s possible that taking up running could help you get a new job.

I think one of the biggest things I’ve noticed about our group runs and the always constant, supportive, group of runners, is the friendships forged. I wouldn’t have met so many different individuals, women mainly, and amazing women they are too, every single one of them, if I hadn’t taken up running and set up Harri’s Running Team.

We all, predictably, have busy lives, totally separate from our running. Potentially, some of us would never even have made contact in a million years or possibly found things in common if it wasn’t for our love of running. But we all come together for these one or two sociable hours a few times a week, sometimes less, sometimes more, and we are all running friends. Bonding over races that we’re going to run, or local events that we’re considering. Injuries sustained or personal bests achieved. Sharing news about our children, partners, dogs and yes, jobs. Laughing together (a lot), feeling positive and alive.

Through their running networks, some people have made life-long friends, socialising outside of their running. By sharing our personal running achievements on social media we can now connect with like-minded people from all over the world, even meeting up and putting faces to names at races – what other pastime or activity does that? Running is a truly amazing sport, Totally inclusive and anyone can do it. And if you think you can’t run, talk to me and I will show you how….Because you can! And who knows, you might even find a new job! Should you want one…

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