a weekend of nutty cheese and mediterranean tarts…

So this weekend me and masterchef decided to have a go at making vegan cheese. I am incredibly curious about these recipes and as I was given Jenny Peppiat’s book ‘this cheese is nuts’ for my birthday, we thought it was time to stop looking at the pictures and attempt the first recipe in the book – which described itself as a ‘spread’ and an ‘all time favourite quick cheese’.

I like quick.

And simple.

Apart from soaking the almonds overnight which requires forward planning – forgetting this rather vital part of the recipe means you are scuppered, it was indeed very straightforward and tasted fabulous. Does it taste like cheese though? Not really. But very good nonetheless. I actually think it would make a good pasta sauce as well. Here’s the recipe – give it a go!


Our mediterranean tarts were another simple discovery, the original recipe courtesy of BOSH who you can access via Facebook here:https://www.facebook.com/bosh.tv/videos/1372055449539618/?hc_ref=ARTZ1yJBTq8wD9g6UWcCZjSluMQvjxiJIKUA5E-3zf5CaQ9GXr7-BM8YetUC106o1nM&fref=nf

I altered the recipe slightly adding raw garlic to the base (as I’m a garlic addict and crave strong tastes) and pimientos (left over from the cheese recipe above) to the topping. Again these tarts could be made even smaller, or a huge one for the whole family. Either way, good, simple, delicious vegan food. The base is puff pastry which you can buy in the supermarket (just make sure it is the vegan variety) and that you roll it thin. Then the tomato puree is mixed with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and spread on top. Add a selection of veg like courgettes, tomatoes, olives, capers, red onion and anything else that takes your fancy. In the oven for 20 mins at 180 degrees. And Bosh, you’re done!

Meanwhile I need to improve my food photography!

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