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Crikey I haven’t written a post for months – so much going on, so little time…But here’s one now!

There has been a wonderful feature on ‘Pilates for Runners’  in the Dec/Jan Trailrunning magazine and as you can see from the excerpt on the left, the editor Paul Larkin is a definite convert!

I’m often asked what the best Pilates exercises are for runners. There isn’t just one. There are many and once familiar with Pilates and the exercises on offer, you can find and practise the ones that best suit your own individual running needs. Everything you need to know is in my book ‘Pilates for Runners’.

One of things that often occurs when we run, especially when we’re tired, is twisting from the torso. This is a terrible waste of precious energy. So the Side Kick is a good exercise to counteract this as it works the oblique (waist) muscles. The stronger the oblique muscles the less likelihood of this twisting, or pelvis and hip problems too. The Side Kick will also strengthen and lengthen the tensor fasciae latae (TFL) and the Iliotibial band (ITB). The TFL sits at the top of the ITB to the front, by the side of your hip – it’s the muscle that stabilises the knee and flexes, abducts and rotates the hip joint, so we runners need to keep it very happy.

Here you go – an excerpt from ‘Pilates for Runners’ – try this simple exercise and see what you think. During the exercise, if you place your hand on your waist/side muscles as you lift your legs you’ll feel them tensing and working. If you click on to the page below it will grow in size so that you can read the instructions…

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