Miracle cure for very stinky trainers!

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Finally, I have found a cure for the smelliest, gag-making, pongiest trainers!

I own both Brooks and Saucony trainers. Saucony are my favourite. But their recent version/style has produced the kind of smell I can only describe as tomcat spray – and not just one cat, several hundred! But worse.  Far worse. I had to remove my trainers from the house because the odour was so bad. And when I wore them, I could smell my feet. The final straw came when I was standing, post-run in a queue in M&S waiting to pay for something when I started to wonder what the dreadful smell was. It was me and my feet! My Brooks trainers don’t smell and I’ve never had this problem before with Saucony trainers. So why these ones?


Anyway, I invested in expensive odour eating, vile chemical sprays that promised me they would make my shoes sweet smelling once again. None of them worked. I still gagged every time I went near the trainers which were now condemned to the garden as far away as possible from the house. I’d concluded that all I could do was chuck them in the bin (and apologise to the bin men!) And then I came across these:I placed them in my whiffy trainers as per instructions. Two weeks later (yes, had to wait that long) the smell had gone.  Completely. A miracle. And so far, the smell hasn’t come back. So if you suffer from pongy trainers do try these amazing ecowhiff inserts. £7.99 from Amazon. They contain activated charcoal – that’s all. Brilliant.

  • ✅ Ecowhiff inserts are environmentally friendly – once they have reached the end of their life cycle, you can cut open the bag and put it into the soil in your garden. This will help plants absorb nutrients from the soil.
  • ✅ They can be recharged – just place them in the sun once per month for 1-2 hours. Difficult at this time of year!
  • ✅ All you do is place the  pouches inside your shoes after usage and leave them until there no longer is a pong. 
  • ✅ The charcoal removes  moisture from your trainers, preventing nasty bacteria from growing inside of them.
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