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No blogs lately. Things shift and change. But today I've decided to get back at it.

I'm an avid reader. Snaffling 3 novels a week sometimes. It helps to be an insomniac. Whenever I read a book that fully grabs my attention I think 'this is it! This is exactly how I want to write' until I read the next novel, written in a completely different style and feel the same. And so it goes on. Or the gremlins start scratching away at my writery soul while chanting 'you'll never be able to write like this you know, never, ever, so what's the point stupid?'

The point is, gremlin gagmaster, I love reading and I love writing (and yes, of course I love running and Pilates too...) Writing has always been a part of my life. If I could earn a living from writing, I would. As I child, I wrote rather odd plays. Later in my teenage years I filled notebooks with angst ridden poetry. I still have those spiral bound, tear-stained notebooks and they make for disturbing reading!

Into adulthood, my love of writing didn't wane, I continued to put pen to paper and had some success with magazine features  - a notable one for 'Dogs Weekly' about my hyperactive Jack Russel cross who has long since vaulted the Rainbow Bridge! Less said about that one the better. Later, I completed an OU Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing.

Having written two non-fiction books 'Pilates for Runners' and 'Pilates for Living' both published by Bloomsbury,  my current goal is to write a decent novel (as opposed to an indecent one) and to get it published. And to exorcise those gremlins. I have 3 nearly-novels sitting in a file on my Desktop. All works in progress and going nowhere fast. With those in mind I took a look at all the amazing 'write your novel' courses available out there from the likes of Curtis Brown, Penguin and Faber and Faber and considered them all. Breaking out in a sweat as I did so.  Instead, after a lot of procrastination, I applied to do an MA in Novel Writing and was accepted. Which is just too exciting.

So hopefully, dear reader, I will get that novel finished.

Let's see what happens next.

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